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Bihr Landscape started its operation in 1956 with a green Dodge Pickup truck and an old farm tractor with a grader blade on the back end. The owner-operator of the company, Harold Bihr, has always been a hard working individual. It is his commitment to the company, along with over 50 years of experience that have brought Bihr Landscape to where it is today.

Harold is a detail person. Anyone who sees his equipment on the highway, on the job, or at his buildings notes how well maintained and clean he keeps everything. He carries over to every job a pride in his workmanship as well. Harold is well versed on grading contours and the soils of Western New York. He knows how they react and how best to do each job.

When asked what he likes most about his job, Harold responded, "no two jobs are ever exactly alike; I like variety and challenges." Bihr Landscape performs a wide spectrum of services. Please see our Services page which lists the jobs and services we perform.